Standard Rooms

We’ve ensured that truly unique character, comfort and traditional charm come as standard in any of our bedrooms. Located in The White House, each of our six cosy Standard Rooms offer a wonderful balance between traditional and contemporary design. With many of the rooms still retaining their original fireplaces and wooden window shutters, we have complemented the traditional features with warm, welcoming and striking colours to create a fantastic mix of the old and the new. From the hummingbird wallpaper of the Twycross room to the writing on the ceiling of the Gwendolyn room, every room in The White House has its own story to tell.

You’ll discover that not only are the rooms bursting full of character and intriguing history, we have also fitted them with all of the modern luxuries you need for an easy, comfortable and relaxing stay, with a double bed, tea and coffee facilities, flat screen television and free wifi.

  • Gwendolyn Room

    Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Gwendolyn …

    This truly unique room was inspired by a former resident at Moor Cottage, as The White House was once known. Young Gwendolyn Coode wrote her name and the date on the stable walls every year from 1883 to 1890. Her childhood inscriptions were uncovered a hundred years later and inspired the fairy tale story, “A Rainy Day at Moor Cottage”.

    To celebrate Gwendolyn and her story, the tale is written on the ceiling above the bed. Lie back and read the magical tale of a small girl and her encounter with the “little people”. Specially commissioned murals, along with Gwendolyn’s own etchings, illustrate the story.

    Period features, such as the fireplace, combine with today’s essential luxuries. The Gwendolyn Room has a supremely comfortable bed and a most un-Victorian drench shower.

    The room faces the rear of the hotel, however we think that its history and original décor makes this one of our most appealing and characterful rooms.

  • Jacquetta Room

    The delightful Jacquetta Room is named after another of the Coode family children.

    We’ve retained many original period features, such as the fireplace, and seamlessly combined them with modern essentials such as the ultra-luxurious drench shower room for your comfort and enjoyment.

  • Joseph Hammond Room

    A pleasantly light room, we’ve retained period features such as the Victorian fireplace and gently added modern essentials, like the luxurious en-suite with bath and drench shower. The room is decorated in pale blues, greens and silver, echoing the gorgeous colours in the landscape outside.

    As much as we love the original shutters, we’re not sure why anyone would ever want to close them on such spectacular scenery! The Joseph Hammond room has wonderful views across the picturesque greenery of the parkland.

  • Matilda Room

    Matilda Smith, widow of Estate gardener Charles, ran Moor Cottage as a boarding house in the 1920s and 30s.

    We’ve chosen to immortalize this enterprising lady in an elegant, calmly decorated bedroom overlooking the park.

    There are plenty of original features from Matilda’s day, including the shutters and fireplace. However, the “running H&C” proudly advertised to her guests has been upgraded to a powerful drench shower. Like us, we’re sure she would have also been pleased to offer a comfortable bed.

    However, the main attractions never change. One of Matilda’s adverts offered accommodation in a house that “stands in its own extensive Wooded Grounds, with lovely Forest surroundings”. Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling window, guests staying in Matilda’s room can really enjoy the views over this timeless landscape.

  • Maud Smith Room

    Described as ‘a perfect lady’, Maud Smith took over the running of The White House as a boarding house when her mother, Matilda, retired.

    Naturally, Maud had first pick of the rooms. She chose this wonderful room to be her own bedroom, and anyone looking at the spectacular view from the floor-to-ceiling window will understand why she did. We’ve retained many original features, such as the fireplace and shutters; however we have opted for a stylish palette combining rich and natural colours, and added a thoroughly modern shower room also.

    In charge from the 1940s until about 1960, she seems to have been a strict hostess, with a ‘no smoking, swearing or drinking’ rule. The Cornwall is a more relaxed place these days, however we like to think that Maud would approve of the care we have taken to create a welcoming and comfortable bedroom.

  • Twycross Room

    Edward Twycross was one of those marvellous nineteenth-century gentlemen who painstakingly recorded information. He gets a mention from us because Moor Cottage (as the house was originally known) features in his series of volumes, The Mansions of England and Wales.

    The Twycross Room is elegantly decorated in greens and browns, with vivid blue accent colours and a gorgeous feature wallpaper of hummingbirds and leaves. The décor reflects the beautiful view from the shuttered window, across the 43-acre woodland estate.

    We have kept some original features (Mr Twycross would expect nothing less), including the dark marble fireplace. The modern visitor enjoys more comforts than his Victorian predecessor: there’s even a spacious en-suite with a drench shower.

    We’ve taken great care to make sure this traditional room is equally suited to the expectations of the twenty-first century traveller.


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