Woodland & Parkland

The Cornwall Estate was owned by the Coode family until 2002. During the Coode family’s ownership between 1819 – 2002, they created a wonderful formation of parkland, natural woodland & tropical-feel gardens. The aim was to create a natural, flourishing wilderness with soul and, in the then-industrial area around St Austell, this flourishing park was a real haven. Spot the trees: oaks, cypresses, wild cherries, larches, sycamores, ashes, yews & limes. The mixed woodland gives us a glorious display of greens in the summer, and wonderful golden hues to crunch through in the autumn & winter.

Find the secret walled garden (we only discovered it ourselves a few years ago!) or take a “stank” (Cornish for brisk walk) across the park, relishing the panoramic valley views.

Keep your eyes peeled for some of our shyer residents. The secluded grounds are home to woodpeckers, swifts, swallows, grey herons, owls, bats & badgers.

Escape to the natural beauty of Cornwall...

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