The history behind the estate reads like a mystery story.

In 1774, miners were streaming for tin on the land where the Estate now stands. They found more than they were expecting; striking a hoard consisting of a silver chalice, scourge, pin box, two rings, a brooch, various other gold ornamental pieces & fourteen coins.

This discovery became known as “The Trewhiddle Hoard”. These coins, identified as dating from around 875 AD, were issued by Mercian and Anglo Saxon kings including Alfred the Great. Over 1,000 years later in 1880, the coins were presented to the British Museum and remain one of the most important finds from this period today. Legend goes that such a valuable collection was buried in an attempt to hide it from getting into the hands of Viking raiders.

The Hoard formed the basis of the enchanting children’s story “A Rainy Day at Moor Cottage”. The heroine is a little girl named Gwendolyn Coode whose family bought the estate in 1819, building Moor Cottage as their summer residence within the grounds. The enchanting tale is a mixture of fact and fairy tale fiction surrounding buried treasure, evil Spriggans and beautiful gardens; inspired by the carvings seen on the stable wall. Here, the little girl had carved her name each year from the age of 10 up until she turned 17. Like any fairy tale story, this one had a happy ending, which today features in the murals in our Gwendolyn Bedroom.

The Coode family lived on the estate until they sold it in 2002 when entire new & exciting chapter began.

In 2005 a team of dedicated specialists set about the task of restoring the Cornwall Estate from the over-grown wilderness that it had become, to its former splendour.

Conservation architects, ecology and landscape consultants all worked painstakingly to ensure that the historical and architectural integrity of the Estate was respected and enhanced with sensitive, contemporary additions. The buildings and land were reborn as The Cornwall Hotel, Spa & Estate, which opened and began welcoming guests in February 2010.

The Estate has a fascinating history, and during its recent restoration, we found new evidence of its earlier uses. We uncovered a medieval wayside cross, a Victorian vinery & walled garden and an old wine cellar… all of which have since been conserved. As you explore the lovely woodland you’ll find that it is home to a variety of wildlife including woodpeckers, squirrels and owls. We even have some rare bats in their own bat hotel!

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